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Ready for a laugh? or cry?

Menopause_cover_high-res_(451x640)Rita Wagner has excelled herself with this romp through the pitfalls of menopause, in conversation with women who have been there, done that, or are anticipating a rocky road ahead.  Rita is a Canberra artist and author and is already planning a sequel after the enthusiastic  response to this book at the Lifeline Book Fair in Canberra on 29 March 2014.
Now available from Smiths Alternative Bookshop and Paperchain, or by mail from Rita Wagner Artist Facebook; or as an e-book for Kindle from 


Will Maggie and Hugh ever become more than just friends? Their friendship ranges over twenty-five years and five countries: her passion for the history of the medieval knightly Order of the Templars takes her from Australia to London, where Dr Geraldine Herberts aims to restore a 12th century manuscript to the British Museum. And Hugh, uncertain of his identity, becomes involved with John Economou, Whose fate is decided by the discovery of a mysterious sword in the crypt where he seeks refuge.

Read the first chapter 'Aquitanian notation' here

Published by Chifley Press on 1 December 2013, a revised edition available in paperback from http://www.Amazon.com and on Amazon Kindle, from http://www.Amazon.com.au 

Purchase the paperback (353 pages) and you can have the Kindle version free through Amazon Matchbook.

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